I handcraft aromatic elixirs in small batches in my kitchens on Maui and Bogue Banks. My formulations are created for your consciousness shifting empowerment, comfort and beauty. Using organic and wild-harvested ingredients when possible (never any synthetic additives), I combine just the right herbs, elements, and energy to provide support for wherever you are in your life. All preparations are blessed with mantras, loving prayers, and the spirit of aloha.

I am immersed in the healing arts as Tarot reader, intuit, yoga and meditation instructor, reiki master, and life coach. I believe strongly in the mystical, magical power of love, intentions, prayer, aromatics, and plant-based medicine to bring a healthy balance to our body, minds, and spirits. Playing in the mystical realms is something I have been obsessed with since I was a child. Now, I’m so happy to share my work with you to help you access all the peace, clarity, love, beauty, self-empowerment, and positive vibes you desire.

Please contact me if you’d like a personal consultation and prescription uniquely created and tailored to meet your needs.

Love, Leilani



I offer gratitude to my friend and teacher, Danielle Miller, owner of Royal Peasantry in Asheville NC, for sharing her knowledge of herbal medicine and potion making with me.

My peace potion, in particular, is inspired by a similar recipe of hers. When I asked her if I could offer it, she said, “There should be as many peace potions in the world as we all can make.” Mahalo, Danielle, and all of the medicine women who have shared their knowledge before us.